Every Moment is A Memory

Dear Friends & Family,

Quite often we are asked, “How do you get through the day, how are you keeping yourselves together and how are you so strong?” In dealing with ALS, we choose to create happy memories full of fun, friends and good times. We could be sitting around feeling sorry for ourselves and thinking about what will come. Tonight Corbin said, “We can’t predict the future, only God knows the future. Don’t worry about what might happen because it might not happen.” We couldn't have said it better.

He also said, “Every moment is a memory”. Isn’t that incredible coming from a 10 year old? Everyone should live their lives based on that simple fact; every moment is a memory. Wouldn’t that make you strive to make every moment a great moment?

We had some great moments this weekend. I had fun with my girlfriends in Big Bear. We have a great story about our trip there which took 6 hours instead of 1.5. We followed Lisa’s GPS which took us on a shortcut to her cabin. We ended up on a dirt road where it took 2.5 hours to go 6 miles. We had to clear rocks off of the road to get through. Meanwhile it was getting late and we weren’t sure that the road would go through. It was quite an adventure which took my mind off my situation at home for the entire time. We finally made it to the cabin and wound down with some great wine and lots of girl talk. Thanks girls for the great memories and great stories.

The guys all came over Saturday night to hang out with Curt. Not much is being said, they are not sharing the details, so I assume they had a great time.

Tonight, our friend Steve Gallie came over to videotape our family. We all sat together as he asked each of us questions about our family life. It will be fun to watch down the road. This is where Corbin’s quotes came from. He was very into the video and talked a lot. Thank you Steve for doing this for our family. Steve is also setting up a blog/website for Curt. Beginning next week, I will post my updates on the blog. I will send you the link next week.

This is the last week of school for the kids. Clarissa & Cayden are studying for finals and are confident they will do well. Corbin is counting down to the last day. Everyone is busy making plans for summer.

Cayden decided he would like Curt’s truck when he gets his license in February. They have been busy customizing it with new door handles, exhaust, new stereo and whatever else can be added. They are having fun together and Cayden is learning how to shop for and install everything. Curt is a great teacher.

Curt’s spirits remain upbeat as his body gets weaker by the day. He is amazing! Thank you for continuing to pray.

Make each moment a great moment!


Cindy, Curt, Clarissa(17), Cayden(15) & Corbin(10)

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