Welcome to Our New Website!

Dear Friends & Family,

I sent my first email about Curt's condition in November of 2009. Since then we have had many people contact us and ask to be added to the "Update List". Along with those requests many people pass the Updates to their friends & families. Our friend Melissa has been encouraging me for months to create a blog so more people could read our story. Although it seemed like a good idea, I didn't know where to begin. Then our friend Steve Gallie asked if he could create a website for us. After many hours of hard work, here it is. Thank you Steve!

YAY, school is out and summer is here! I came home from work yesterday to find the pool full of kids splashing and laughing! Friday night we celebrated "school's out" with a BBQ and swim party. Saturday we celebrated a great year of Club Volleyball with Clarissa's team and parents at our house for lunch and swimming. Sunday was of course, Father's Day. After church and then lunch at Northwood's Inn, we came home to relax by the pool. It was nice to just be together as a family. We spent the evening watching Video Yearbooks from the kid's schools.  Monday night we enjoyed a delicious dinner with Steve, Anne, Samantha & Cassie Schmidt. Steve & I (and Curt) have known each other through work for 27 years. This was the first time our families have met and it was fun getting to know one another. Thank you Schmidt Family for caring so much about our family, you guys are a great family!

Saturday we are heading to Las Vegas to see Garth Brooks in concert. The kids grew up listening to Garth Brooks with us, so I thought it would be a good family concert and a great time to get away. We are looking forward to seeing the sights of Vegas and hanging by the pool.

We are trying to keep our attitudes positive and remain strong even though the ALS monster is getting bigger and scarier. It seems to be staring us right in the face and it is hard to look around it. I have been dealing with Medicare issues, wheelchair issues, looking for a way to transport the wheelchair and what our future needs are going to be both in and out of the home. It has been very hard on both of us emotionally to be forced to think about the future. It is really wearing on us. The good news is, we don't have time to be down because there is always a party or event in a couple of hours. We have been non-stop for the last week, which has helped ease the pain we are going through.

Oops, I wanted this update to be happy and cheerful in honor of our new amazing website. You will notice all the old updates are listed along with stories and photos from the kids. You can also leave comments (which we love to read) on any of the stories. Once again, thank you Steve Gallie for doing this for our family.

Cindy, Curt, Clarissa, Cayden & Corbin


Melissa Pond said...

Yay! This is amazing! Now when are we going to get to come to your rockin' parties? Even though they aren't in Texas, at least they are as big!!! Love you guys!

Barbie said...

Fabulous website....grandioso idea!!!!! Love the pix of Curt. Would love to see lots of family photos, you know, the ones from waaayyyyy back. You guys have had a wonderful marriage, something of a rarity today. We'd love to take that ride thru your lives! Thank you for keeping us up to date with your beautiful stories.
Love you and hope you'll get to come see us on the river this summer!

Jim and Vicki said...

Website is great! Many kudos to your friend Steve. We will hold the memory of the beach service in our hearts forever. Love you all.
Jim and Vicki

Gallie said...

Hi Everyone,

I'm sending this to say hello to everyone and to test the email distribution list. If you received this message via email that means that you will be receiving Cindy's updates to the site along with all comments.

As I was setting up the distribution list I couldn't help but notice how many family members and friends are out there supporting the Ziemke family. I know that we are all doing anything we can to help them during this difficult time.

I can't say how much I am inspired to see how this family has dealt with this difficult, life altering, disease. To see the unity and love that they possess motivates me to be a better husband, father, and person. We hold them all deep within our hearts and prayers!

With Love,

Steve Gallie

Carolyn Melanson said...

GREAT website!!
Steve, you have done an AMAZING job. Thank you for putting this together for the Ziemkes and for ALL of us.
Curt, thank you for taking a sweet young Amish girl under your wing and making her your bride. I'm not sure what the Friday Friends would do without her.
Cindy, love ya!!
Hope to see you guys before we leave for Boston. If not, we'll see you when we get back.
We LOVE you all!!