Jacki's Story

Dear Friends & Family,

Curt had the perfect childhood! He was raised by great parents who were active with him and his 4 siblings. They all played sports, went to church, camped and enjoyed the beach as a family. They ate dinners together and the kids all played outside in the evenings "until the streetlights came on". He lived on Ingrum Way in Torrance from the day he was born until the day we were married. On Ingrum Way he lived next door to the Dunnigan's who had 6 girls. Jacki and Curt were the same age. Jacki has been a great friend to Curt (and me) throughout the years. She responded to one of my Updates with this sweet letter of her memories growing up next door to Curt. I asked her if I could share it with you all, as it really touched Curt, and she agreed.

Hey Curt and Cindy,

Your messages touch my heart every time.

I think about being kids on Ingrum Way and what a cool street it seem to be. 60 Kids lived on that street when we were growing up. That's incredible! We have about 20 on our block now. It didn't matter that between us, you and the Roquemores there were 16 between the three houses. There was always something happening.

I remember my dad always in the garage working on the cars and you coming over to borrow tools. Being that there was six girls in the family I know my dad loved it when you came over. He so appreciated you. Later on in life he commented that you where all boy and thought if he had had one he'd hoped he 'd be like you. you where always busy! I remember you bike riding and flying off curbs and roller bladen' everywhere. Then came the mini bikes and motercycles reveving the engines and races up and down the street. Soon came the Baja bug w/ the foot pedal(so cool). Thanks for teaching me to drive a stick shift. You and the guys always working on it, but that's what guys did. Remember us talking about Bill and Vicki, wondering what was in the water that year (: (Oh did i tell you i married a 1963er-AAhhhhh!) life is funny that way. How bout Bill driving home with no brakes and hitting the curbs to stop ,was it a blue Camero?. I remember playing poison with Bill and Mike in your driveway. And watching them play homerun derby. Life was pretty cool back then and easy.

I remember your dad. I don't think i ever talked to him but i always thought he was handsome. He would stand in the front of the house with his leg up on the planter smoking a cigarette and if anyone of us girls came out he always gave us a nod and a wink, always acknowledging our presence. Oh! and on the weekends dressed to spend the day at the ball field umpiring.

Living in the neighborhood we did, there are so many people that are just in our lives. I'm blessed to have you as one of those people as corny as it sounds. I'm sad you have to go through what is happening to you and the family.

The day of your party i didn't know about your condition and in not knowing i was so overwhelmed with the love i felt from that room. The positive energy, memories, the smiles,hugs and the thought that you and your family have touched so many lives. One blessing you can take from this is you get to see and feel first had hand the lives and hearts you've touched. For most of us we only hope we make a difference and will not have that opportunity. You can say"I HAVE MADE A DIFFERENCE!"

I hope your having a good day and these memories bring a smile to your face.

Love and prayers,


Thank you Jacki for sharing your memories and for caring so deeply, you are a true friend!

We had a nice time in Palm Springs for our Anniversary last week. Curt was really struggling to walk, so it was different adjusting from our previously active lifestyle. Normally we would have gone to the street fair and lots of shopping (my favorite thing to do in Palm Springs). This time we stuck close to the hotel; we watched a movie in the room and hung out by the pool. It made me sad that we couldn't do much, but I tried to focus on the fact that we were together in such a nice place.

This Saturday, I am going to Big Bear with 7 of my girlfriends for the night. The guys are staying home and promised to "take care of" Curt. I know we will each have a great time with our great friends.

Today, Curt was fitted for a powerchair. He said it was hard discussing all the options and what he may need on the chair as his disease progresses. He has chosen to not look too far into the future, but today he was forced to. I was at work and not home for the appointment; I didn't know this would all be discussed. I am sorry I was not with him and he had to deal with this all alone. Once again, please pray for him as he faces the progression of the disease and all the decisions that will need to be made. He is so brave in the face of what's to come.

Please pray for the kids, there have been a few events this week that have caused the kids to see what lies ahead for them. They are hurting and sad. The Dad they have always known is changing into something they are not used to. They are watching him struggle to walk, talk and eat. They see him fall often. They see him struggle more and more to prepare their lunches each day (which he insists on doing himself). We all try to laugh it off, but it really hurts inside. To watch their Dad waste away day by day is honestly the worst thing a child or anyone should have to go through.

We love you all and need you all, now more than ever.


Cindy, Curt, Clarissa, Cayden & Corbin

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