Happily Ever After

Dear Friends & Family,

There’s nothing like reading a book you can’t put down or watching a movie you don’t want to end, but as they say, “All good things must come to an end.” It’s the timing of the end that never seems right. We always want a few more chapters in the book or a few more minutes or even a sequel to the movie. Sadly, we are not in control of when the ending happens. Whether in books, movies or life, we are at the mercy of circumstances beyond our control.

Our “and they lived happily ever after” is coming to an end. This chapter of our life is over. It is out of our control and must be accepted. There will be no sequels, only memories. The lessons Curt has taught us, the example he has been and the kindness he has shown to others will live on in our hearts and in our actions. We will never forget what an amazing man he has been or his brave battle over the last three years. He is a hero to many and an example to all. Our love for him has never wavered. The story is coming to an end and the credits are about to roll, meanwhile, we will celebrate each day, each breath and each little smile as we live out our happily ever after.

Please continue to pray for Curt’s comfort. He is sleeping a lot, hallucinating a little, losing muscle and weight but continues to “check in” to life, laugh a little and smile as always!

Cindy, Curt, Clarissa, Cayden & Corbin

Fall is here!

Corbin and Larry at the Carnival!

Clarissa enjoyed the rodeo with Chad and her Delta Zeta Sorority!

Happy Birthday Julie & Lisa! 

Fun with Mark, Kelli, Mike and panorama photos!

My hero!


s_laka_2 said...
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s_laka_2 said...
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s_laka_2 said...

We were so fortunate to have found our princess charming even if our Happily Ever After was not to be. We were fortunate enough to have had an AMAZING love that can never been taken away even after death. My Manu will FOREVER be the love of my life and my three beautiful children are proof of that and seeing them reminds me of it everyday.As your three beautiful children are a testament to the love you and Kurt shared will forever be present even after death.My prayer is for peace and comfort for my friend Kurt and for strength and comfort for you and the kids. Stay strong. God Bless and may the Lord keep you all in his loving hands <3

Christina Buck said...

Many hearts are breaking with you. May you all find peace.