Tender Moments

Dear Friends & Family,

There is a bright side to everything and even through this horrible disease, our family tries to focus on the good it has brought us. Our family shares many tender moments and it seems like there are more now that Curt can barely speak. There are more hugs, little smirks, winks, blinks and butterfly kisses. Corbin loves to hold Curt's head and give him a long hug, Cayden scratches Curt's head which brings a smile to Curt's face and Clarissa and Curt still share their private jokes, now, through looks and giggles. Curt and I have always been good at reading each other's expressions and now more than ever, that's our main form of communication. The world seems to stand still when each of us are interacting with Curt. We are imprinting these tender moments in our hearts forever.

We are truly blessed by our friends! It's the simple things like someone offering to run to the store for us, bringing us a meal, a home repair, a family who drops everything to spend the afternoon with us when we are feeling down. Some send cards, books, cds, emails, and texts. You will never know how isolated we feel and how much it comforts us to have the support of each of you. This has been a long hard journey and people have come and gone from our lives during this time. I truly believe that God sends us who and what we need as we need it. Meanwhile, we will cherish each moment we have left together.

Cindy, Curt, Clarissa, Cayden & Corbin

Sometimes parties just happen! We love spontaneous gatherings!

Clarissa loves country concerts!
Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan at GoFest!

7th Grade Science Camp at Catalina Island has been the highlight of each of our kids' school experiences. Curt LOVED going to Catalina with Clarissa and Cayden.
Who better to go with Corbin and show him the wonders of it all than Larry, one of our dearest friends and Corbin's bud! 

Katrina Kirtz is a great friend and support to our family (as well as each of our kids' middle school science teacher). Thanks for all your love, attention and prayers for our family.
 Thank you for taking such good care of Corbie!

Corbin had a blast with Larry! We are so thankful for all the love and care Larry has for Corbin.

Bill and Lauryn
Bill was great to share stories and traditions he had experienced with Curt
in previous years with Larry.

Nothing like a Dodger Game, Dodger Dog and Larry!

Sunday Funday at Larry & Debbie's w/ Jessica, Mark & Kelli!


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