Mind Over Matter

Dear Friends & Family,

I can’t remember where we were, Curt and I, but I was freezing cold, shivering to the core, teeth chattering and body shaking like a leaf. Curt told me to forget about the cold and stop shivering, “Mind over matter,” he said. He went on to tell me to control my body, don’t let it know it is cold, be stronger than the cold, mind over matter, he kept repeating. I followed his instructions and soon I stopped shivering, I was able to get over the coldness and enjoy our surroundings.

Time after time, I have seen Curt use the “mind over matter” strategy. In fact, that is pretty much how he has lived his life. Whether is was cold weather, an injury, a long line at the grocery store, or some kind of car or work trouble, he would look beyond the moment and focus on how to best get through the situation without pain or frustration.

A few days ago, I watched as Curt realized he can no longer practice “mind over matter.” The disease has taken its ugly toll on him to the point that he is now subject to heavy medications to keep him resting comfortably. After a nice weekend at The Popp’s House (photo below), we returned home to begin a new week. By Tuesday his chest and throat were heavily congested to the point that he was choking and gasping for air. Increased medications are making him more comfortable but also causing him to be very sleepy, have no appetite and spend almost all of his time in bed. My heart is breaking as I watch him slipping away. 

Thank you for your prayers for Curt, the kids, and me.

Cindy, Curt, Clarissa, Cayden & Corbin


Melissa said...

My heart is breaking. I am so sad. Love you guys, all of you, so so much!!!

Steve Gallie said...

Yes, it is very sad...beyond words. The Gallies send our love and prayers wishing, from the bottom of our hearts, that somehow they will help.

Jim and Vicki said...

It's hard o have "mind over heart" at this point...
Our prayers go out o you all.
The Finleys

Nazila said...

Dearest cindy, curt and the kids, i have the plastic bracelet that says "pray for curt" some where in my house so i always see it and pray for comfprt and strength for all of u. Even tho i have only had a few encounters with u guys, u have a special place in my heart and thoughts. Please let me know if there is anything i can do to help no matter how small of a help it might be. Regards, nazila